Monday, 11 September 2017

Soda stream Machine to Co2 UK Large Bottle Hose Adapter.

Well it seems that the soda stream has made a comeback in many years with people not only buying it to make fizzy soft drinks but to also make their own fizzy water. It makes sense if your tap water is already filtered to make it sparkling at home instead of lugging those massive bottles of sparkling water home from the supermarket.

The soda stream has many advantages in the fizzy water department. Firstly you can adjust the amount of fizz you like. Even with bottled water from the shop, once the bottle is opened the fizz tends to disappear unless you drink the bottle quite quickly.

Secondly if you filter your own water at home it will normally be fresher as there is no guarantee that  the supermarket fizzy water   has not been sitting around for ages.

Thirdly, many of the cheaper bottled waters you get come in plastic bottles which you then have the issue of the BPA as many are probably not BPA free. Also the environment should have an ease with less plastic waste.

So it's all good news for the Sodastream and you can get busy with the fizzy in no time at all. Yeah until that is until your fizz runs out and you then realize that the CO2 gas canisters supplied by soda stream don't actually hold that much. Then there is the price for the replacement. HOW MUCH?

Suddenly you start to realise that maybe your sodastream was not such a brilliant investment after all.
So do you (A)
Banish the sodastream to the back of the cupboard and go back to lugging your bottled water back from the supermarket or
B) Try and find some cheaper CO2 gas.
Well one way of getting cheaper Co2 gas is to get a bigger bottle. Yep use the CO2 they use in home bars or even pub ones if you can fit it in your home.

Get yourself an adapter hose and Bobs your uncle. More Co2 for your favorite fizzy drinks and at a refill cost sometimes cheaper than a soda stream refill canister tank. With the bigger CO2 bottle you can get busy with the fizzy with many months more.

If you fancy one of these Sodastream CO2 hose adapters for the your sodastream machine then check out this link CLICK HERE

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